I Paid Off My Parent's House *EMOTIONAL* 

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HI SISTERS! Merry Christmas! Today's video is very special to me. My Mom & Dad are my biggest supporters so for this Christmas, I wanted to do something special for them to say thank you. I paid off their mortgage and filmed their reaction for us and you guys to remember. This wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you, so thank you for an amazing 2020.
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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25 dec 2020



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Trust Joy
Trust Joy 6 dagar sedan
Man u are so lucky for u r parents u know I love u r family .
Delia Hernandez
Delia Hernandez 9 dagar sedan
I wanna do this my parents deserve the world ♥️♥️♥️♥️💫💫💫💫.
Rafique Mohammed
Rafique Mohammed 9 dagar sedan
His face was read the entire time
Mark Bates in Thailand
Just a good good thing
sweetie36367 9 dagar sedan
What a sweet moment it got me in tears 😭
Patsy Goddard
Patsy Goddard 10 dagar sedan
Omg I just burst into tears. That's so amazing 👏
Joseph Agar
Joseph Agar 10 dagar sedan
God, I cannot imagine what his parents must be going through right now...
Big Ang 947
Big Ang 947 11 dagar sedan
I’m crying
Drshika Naik
Drshika Naik 13 dagar sedan
in the starting of the video you can see the adoration and pain in his eyes when he was talking about his parents... love you james 😭❤️
Janelle Hernandez
Janelle Hernandez 15 dagar sedan
this made me cry he has such a beautiful sweet heart and his energy is so touching it just displays onto you love your attitude and positivity and what great parents you have such a blessing to support you in everything. God bless u all 😘
Mel Murray
Mel Murray 16 dagar sedan
Ann Sowers
Ann Sowers 17 dagar sedan
I love how he loves his family.
@queen of roblox@
@queen of roblox@ 17 dagar sedan
Love your nails u go queen 💅
Justine Maidwell
Justine Maidwell 18 dagar sedan
I am sobbing at 6 am
Lexadarlhy Joseph
Lexadarlhy Joseph 18 dagar sedan
I’m crying 😭 this is so cute!!!
personaldanceparty 20 dagar sedan
Chris xl
Chris xl 21 dag sedan
What. Are. You.
Mohammed Noor
Mohammed Noor 21 dag sedan
Am confused someone help is Charles a lady or man
call me by your name
call me by your name 11 dagar sedan
He’s a mady of course 🙄
Tessa Nicole
Tessa Nicole 18 dagar sedan
What kind of dumb question is that??
Luke Smith
Luke Smith 21 dag sedan
Well done ❤️
FoodieNYC 22 dagar sedan
Neal J.
Neal J. 22 dagar sedan
I miss the ads
Jismol Vincent
Jismol Vincent 22 dagar sedan
Am so impressed love from God's own country 😍😍😍
Roblox With me
Roblox With me 22 dagar sedan
Omg 🥲
Alfred Wagner
Alfred Wagner 23 dagar sedan
Snowballs are dangerous!! God bless you 😘
Sneha Sardal
Sneha Sardal 24 dagar sedan
Came again to cry againnn☹️💙
Tina Brewer
Tina Brewer 25 dagar sedan
I will never watch SElosk again, by the way he was trashed and shit on by childish bullshit...
Malitta Sannuti
Malitta Sannuti 26 dagar sedan
Omg I love you all
Emerson Fazio
Emerson Fazio 28 dagar sedan
You just said James Brother in the background When they’re fighting with snow
Lay Official
Lay Official 28 dagar sedan
You should make a mask Collection for the sisters line
Steven Gray
Steven Gray 28 dagar sedan
Sis had me crying
Quantina Leavell
Quantina Leavell 29 dagar sedan
I cried. If everyone had Phenomenal parents like his... they would come out so good like JC. The world need good Parents they're so deserving
Abubaker Farooq
Abubaker Farooq Månad sedan
Wish I could've such parents.....even if they had provided me with just emotional and moral support. I don't want any money from them....just love but God knows better.
Abubaker Farooq
Abubaker Farooq Månad sedan
James is an inspiration for me.....he is superb
Jayne Clark
Jayne Clark Månad sedan
James looks so much like his mum ❤
Dustin Castellanos
Dustin Castellanos Månad sedan
11:20 She has the "AUDACITY" jk.. The way she looks around like "huh huh huh" "what, where is it" expecting a new tesla or a Rolls Roice. Bruh
Wendy Whitelaw
Wendy Whitelaw Månad sedan
sweetest thing ever, how lucky to be able to give back to such adorable family. Bravo baby
A P Månad sedan
Now I want to cry 😭
Janvi Jogekar
Janvi Jogekar Månad sedan
Your house is soooo biiiiggg❤️
Raphael Szok
Raphael Szok Månad sedan
What great parents he has.
Kimberly Watson
Kimberly Watson Månad sedan
He's got some young looking parents
They called me Ivana
Really nice from him!👌😌
Siskjsmsmmfmfmkfk Månad sedan
That’s the least you can do after ruining their chances of being grandparents
•Blue Diamond Tears• シ
You’re family is beautiful omg 😭😭😭😭 too emotional
Annalise Micallef
Annalise Micallef Månad sedan
¡Hola hermana James! ¿Cómo estás? Solo quería decirte que en el título tenías mala gramática. La casa de sus padres, no la casa de mi mamá o la casa de mi papá :) Te quiero tanto hermana. gracias y que tenga un buen día.
The Bow Street Stunner 5x5
Omg 😱 Loved this ❤️!! Takes a lot to make me cry when it comes to SElosk! X
Liz YT
Liz YT Månad sedan
This is every child’s dream, I’m glad James and other you tubers have been able to fulfill this dream 🤍
Insane Buddy
Insane Buddy Månad sedan
U r a half-lady 😁
Daniel Micheals
Daniel Micheals Månad sedan
Imagine James on the battlefield.. offering to do the enemies nails and shit
Princess Billionaire 11:11
Is everyone's dream to make their parents proud and happy and am so glad u did this for them, May God bless you.....You will forever be on top of everything u do in life 🙏🙏🙏
LILY SASNETT Månad sedan
SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prettygirl kjsdlksdjkdjds
You have a heart of gold James omg
Pretty Me
Pretty Me Månad sedan
I know my eyes dripping water like crazy. Sooooo sweet...❤️
Johnathon Futch
Johnathon Futch Månad sedan
This was so emotional and SWEET!!! I just LOVE your Momma and Papa!!!
Sean H
Sean H Månad sedan
Lena Månad sedan
hi James i just want to ask u where are your parents from
chinee gu
chinee gu Månad sedan
let’s all work hard to pay off our parents mortgage just like james did.
Noodle Evan
Noodle Evan Månad sedan
I can see that James is the favorite
It’s Adriana
It’s Adriana Månad sedan
James is literally every parents dream child 🦋🙈💕🧡
Susanne Xx
Susanne Xx Månad sedan
tristadawn Månad sedan
I cried
Dungeons and Dolls
Dungeons and Dolls Månad sedan
I came here not for crying 😭😭😭
Lisa Rose
Lisa Rose Månad sedan
I cried my eyes 👀 out!!!
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova Månad sedan
Elisha Chinian
Elisha Chinian Månad sedan
Its so emotional 😭😭james love u a lot ❤❤❤❤thx for reminding us that we must love our parents
gaming don
gaming don Månad sedan
O my god i litrely cried every day i dont no why i feel so good for james and one more thing god bless you ❤️
Allosin Månad sedan
Ian looks so different
Anaisa Månad sedan
Shaylie Robison
Shaylie Robison Månad sedan
okay but like can his parents adopt ME??
Alec Tan
Alec Tan Månad sedan
armys world
armys world Månad sedan
James you are a great son 🙂😘
Londyn Wright
Londyn Wright Månad sedan
Not me watching this while it’s March... but This is so heartwarming and loving 🥰
Slurpjuice456 Månad sedan
Your parents have supported you when you came out of the closet and now you make it right
Aesthtics with Alex
Aesthtics with Alex Månad sedan
Why did I see the intro in tik tok? Lol bu that’s not the thing the thing is that I cried
Denise Ellis Stewart
You are the sweetest. Your dad's reaction...my heart.
Amanda Marquez
Amanda Marquez Månad sedan
this is so sweet 🥺
Miroslava Trajkovska
This is very beautiful family, and they obviously have the best son.
jojome120 Månad sedan
How sweet
Mitsuha Riah
Mitsuha Riah Månad sedan
Can someone tell me what is a paid off house means I have no idea actually I’m not an English native speaker so I have no idea
Mitsuha Riah
Mitsuha Riah Månad sedan
@Junior oh thank u so much for the explanation
Junior Månad sedan
Most people take out a mortgage (a loan from the bank) to pay for their house, and then they slowly pay back the bank in monthly payments. Sometimes it takes 20 years, sometimes 50. Paid off means you own the house and you don't owe anyone money for it anymore.
Dee Marie
Dee Marie Månad sedan
I don’t even lnow these people yet I’m in tears. Parents are the best! you are so lucky!!
Katz NC
Katz NC Månad sedan
Nice James. 🥰❤
A N YA Månad sedan
This was so sweet I had to hold back my tears because I didn't want to ruin my makeup but my whole heart 😫😫
luiza bell
luiza bell Månad sedan
Jordan Lane
Jordan Lane Månad sedan
James is such a sweet person and it's so cool he did that for his parents
Charlotte Hampton
Charlotte Hampton Månad sedan
This is the sweetest video I’ve ever seen in my life!!!🥰🥲
B T Månad sedan
I love it how everyone cries except the mom! This is so sweet of James!!!
Boris Månad sedan
WE LOVE A GRATEFUL QUEEN. We have to protect James and his fam forever 😭
manpreet kaur
manpreet kaur Månad sedan
this is beautiful❤️
Katherine MVP
Katherine MVP Månad sedan
I am crying too!!❤️💕 you are a wonderful son and you have wonderful parents!!😍
Holly Easton-Lankester
Nora Zeisse
Nora Zeisse Månad sedan
this made me so emotional
Preeti Tripathi
Preeti Tripathi Månad sedan
Finally someone did justice to the masks 🤣
A Day in the life of Olivia
I'm not crying, you're crying...
k mo
k mo Månad sedan
I love how they all hug when he reveals that he paid it off. Hope I have a son like him.
Y/N Månad sedan
Omg there gor sad when they were crying
Yadira Molina
Yadira Molina Månad sedan
jenn lowe
jenn lowe Månad sedan
emilie Augustyniak
emilie Augustyniak Månad sedan
not me watching this in 2021
hector silva
hector silva Månad sedan
Wow this video literally made me ball like a baby how I really wish I could help my parents who are homeless and struggling so bad for years this made me so sad but so happy for you and your beautiful family congratulations to them and to you for making something great out of your self 🥰😢😭 wow I have not cried like that in a very long time pray for my parents to get them selves back together 😢🥺
Prabath Perera
Prabath Perera Månad sedan
You are a boy
Mak Unicorn
Mak Unicorn Månad sedan
Omg i came out at 12 you helped me do that
Newkid lagar sin paradrätt!
Newkid lagar sin paradrätt!
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