I Bet My Friends $100,000 I Could Beat Them In Mario Kart 

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HI SISTERS! I bet my friends $100K that I could beat them in Mario Kart so we filmed a gaming competition! The races were absolutely insane. Watch to find out who ends up taking home the first place prize. Enjoy!
Special thanks to Troy TWD98 for joining us! » selosk.info
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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26 mar 2021



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Alexis Baez
Alexis Baez Timme sedan
Look James stop thinking your getting away with all of you scandals lots of us counted on you gave you chance after chance no more chances sorry 😐
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 2 timmar sedan
Jeffrey Twoey
Jeffrey Twoey 4 timmar sedan
I couldn’t be around any of them for more than 5 mins. How many boys became victims this week?
Christina 4 timmar sedan
im deleting mario kart from everything
Matt Manning
Matt Manning 4 timmar sedan
4:07 How could you insult a baby like that!? 😂😂😂😂
Amr Hossam
Amr Hossam 4 timmar sedan
Hi sisters
wisdom duck
wisdom duck 4 timmar sedan
Think James think what will happen when the world will crumble ther will be no Luther boys
NotStream 6 timmar sedan
:( not minecraft
Felicia Souva
Felicia Souva 6 timmar sedan
People be so mean. People make mistakes. There are catfishes everywhere!
Isaiah Gaming
Isaiah Gaming 11 timmar sedan
Hey James charles
ً 11 timmar sedan
The people who are Cringe as hell
Don’t give a shit
Johnny Green
Johnny Green 15 timmar sedan
عالم موده
عالم موده 17 timmar sedan
jeff Hoffman
jeff Hoffman 17 timmar sedan
joanna perez
joanna perez 19 timmar sedan
boo girly
INDIAN Powerlifters
INDIAN Powerlifters 20 timmar sedan
Others - you can't run away, Me - i can't run away too coz i am fat
AYDENN KING 20 timmar sedan
can't believe we have the same birthday
Noah Beck’s sister
I still love you James
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Dag sedan
Or donate to a charity...
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Dag sedan
Or donate to charity, that might be better..
Chad Games
Chad Games Dag sedan
"How is baby daisy eating me up right now" Not the only baby hes eaten up 😳
Dita Whitesides
Dita Whitesides Dag sedan
Hi sister
Buhle Lisa
Buhle Lisa Dag sedan
Whats going on with james charles I've been waiting for him to upload his videos 🇿🇦🇿🇦💔💔
Anisa Yusuf
Anisa Yusuf Dag sedan
Hi cellmates
ICEclipse Dag sedan
Weird ash
Ahmed Mustafa
Ahmed Mustafa Dag sedan
I lover💜💜💜💜
Basemah Almousawi
You suck at games
Travis Marshall
Travis Marshall Dag sedan
hey sister i would kill for a tour of you mackup colectoion
Akshay Sriram
Akshay Sriram Dag sedan
Hi sisters!! James Charles here and welcome back to my kzhhannal
Gary Bowen
Gary Bowen Dag sedan
Why do you say Hey sisters
Marie Ann Fernandez Intan
Hello sisters why are you doing
yuan deng
yuan deng Dag sedan
Mr Ferret Draco Lucius Malfoy
Our second MrBeast = James Charles
Heather Gurney
Heather Gurney 2 dagar sedan
Stop am going like a GURL
No Shin
No Shin 2 dagar sedan
I like James enthusiast. in the makeup community he is the only one who believes go big or go home.
Flowerrrat 5 timmar sedan
Especially his enthusiasm for being a sex offender !!
Ankita Basu
Ankita Basu 2 dagar sedan
Love this ❤️
Tank Man
Tank Man 2 dagar sedan
lord i did not expect TWD98
Ryan Mukandiwa
Ryan Mukandiwa 2 dagar sedan
che wii
che wii 2 dagar sedan
you can't keep running away: the consequences always triumph
Ela Otag
Ela Otag 2 dagar sedan
Can you do a video that you make-up whit ariana grande🌈🍭✨✨🍬🌸🍄🍬🥰
kagami 2 dagar sedan
@royal chickens hallard lol.
royal chickens hallard
Skip 2times
Skip 2times 2 dagar sedan
These you tubers be like oh I only post fir my fans but now he ain’t making money where’s the post at lol
iSniffEmerald 2 dagar sedan
You can't keep running away: because you just can't.
RyleePlayZ 2 dagar sedan
If someone is just realizing they are trans do you refer to them as there original gender or the gender they are turning into?
ITSJUSTIVY 2 dagar sedan
DaNiEl AbSaLoM
DaNiEl AbSaLoM 3 dagar sedan
You know u can use some of that money actually donate to charity😒😒...
John Packer
John Packer 3 dagar sedan
Me only watching Jams screen
Amanda Carrese
Amanda Carrese 3 dagar sedan
𝙸𝙵 𝙸 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚒 𝚍𝚘𝚗𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎- OWA OWA ...Read more
Amanda Carrese
Amanda Carrese 23 timmar sedan
@kagami bruh thats th- you know what never mind.
kagami Dag sedan
@Amanda Carrese how is it a trick? all u wrote was read more.
Amanda Carrese
Amanda Carrese Dag sedan
@kagamino the trick was the read more
kagami 2 dagar sedan
@Tf? theres nothing else to read
Amanda Carrese
Amanda Carrese 2 dagar sedan
congratulations to whoever figured it out
agus2.0 GG
agus2.0 GG 3 dagar sedan
Sylhet Xpress Services Ltd
Hey James I can't a uns
Professor Blob
Professor Blob 3 dagar sedan
Quick question I don’t wanna offend anyone but like are you a guy or a woman or just trans I don’t mind just wondering and also I don’t want any comment rats sneaking in and start a war like OmG ItS So OBViouS YoU IdiOT
Professor Blob
Professor Blob 2 dagar sedan
@kagami thanks
kagami 2 dagar sedan
he's a guy
willows meadow
willows meadow 3 dagar sedan
Should've saved that money for a gooooodddd lawyer
Danielle Erasmus
Danielle Erasmus 3 dagar sedan
James carels wat is you’re a real phone number can I please have your phone number please James Charles please I want it so bad you have millions of millions of subscribers
Jordan Pierce
Jordan Pierce 3 dagar sedan
Where is James I miss him
Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh 3 dagar sedan
Imagine having to win rupualsdragrace earn 100,000 dollars, and then we see James’s entitled friends win that in a game of Mario kart. If I was a dragrace contestant I would be infuriated ngl 😂 XD
Julie Stokes
Julie Stokes 3 dagar sedan
Really James??
C4T BS 3 dagar sedan
Hey sister and litle boys!!
Kimberley Chaplin
Kimberley Chaplin 3 dagar sedan
He I boys ant tiny crap girls
Fnöl Bnöl
Fnöl Bnöl 3 dagar sedan
He dresses like a tool
Tipycal Dude
Tipycal Dude 3 dagar sedan
God have mercy on us
Elim Tewelde
Elim Tewelde 3 dagar sedan
U ain’t getting any money anymore from SElosk :)
Jah Wadada
Jah Wadada 3 dagar sedan
What a girllll
Zoey Stith
Zoey Stith 3 dagar sedan
Yameir Knight
Yameir Knight 3 dagar sedan
his full name is James Charles Dickinson
Elsa cruz
Elsa cruz 3 dagar sedan
I love you james im a sister 4 life and I know im gonna get hate but I dont care. LOVE YOU JAMES ♥♥♥😣
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson 3 dagar sedan
You suck no pun un tended
LuLuLopez 3 dagar sedan
I'm just here cause I wanna speak english faster than he does. Sorry not sorry
lavendxar 3 dagar sedan
Дарья Котикова
Афигеть ,вот это скорость,10 лет учения английского покинули чат(
Jhocil Aguds
Jhocil Aguds 4 dagar sedan
I hope one day I will also be successful on youtube😊😍😍😍
Warner Brother
Warner Brother 3 dagar sedan
He is not successful anymore
Eufracia Calderon
Eufracia Calderon 4 dagar sedan
Larray looks like he doesnt wanna be there
Rosé Stan
Rosé Stan 4 dagar sedan
Should’ve kept the 100k 😩💅
Edwin Sanchez
Edwin Sanchez 4 dagar sedan
Imagine not making money in SElosk
Ellezation 4 dagar sedan
Sister James
Sister James 4 dagar sedan
oml jamesssssssssssssssssayaya
Sister James
Sister James 4 dagar sedan
im also homophobic
Rebecca Rook
Rebecca Rook 4 dagar sedan
Omg its Jame's Charles
Jeremaih Noorda
Jeremaih Noorda 4 dagar sedan
Your mom
Jeremaih Noorda
Jeremaih Noorda 4 dagar sedan
Get lost
Jeremaih Noorda
Jeremaih Noorda 4 dagar sedan
Jeremaih Noorda
Jeremaih Noorda 4 dagar sedan
James is a weirdo
ñami 4 dagar sedan
Itss Just mclovin
Itss Just mclovin 4 dagar sedan
his hair look like a pizza slice
Isabella Witt
Isabella Witt 4 dagar sedan
You haven’t updated in a minth
miku 3 dagar sedan
Because he isn't making any money. Shows you which one he cares about the most
kody swe
kody swe 4 dagar sedan
You’re so cute omggggg I love youuuu
Xx_alexis sophia_xX
Xx_alexis sophia_xX 4 dagar sedan
James charles i heard ur marshmello.... I think u are cus I watched a vid .... I know its not info but I still think ur james charles....😑😶😏😌
Jon Hernandez
Jon Hernandez 4 dagar sedan
Not bad content thought it would be bad Good JOB :D
margarette hanaban
margarette hanaban 4 dagar sedan
Omg!!!!!! James charles is marshmallow omg i love your happier song!!!!
I am not found
I am not found 4 dagar sedan
Lmaooo sorry to break it to u but james isn't marshmallow sorry
NK Sandesh
NK Sandesh 4 dagar sedan
Love U So much😊💖✌
Taxfoo 4 dagar sedan
Shajida Rishan Neal
Shajida Rishan Neal 4 dagar sedan
I love when she says hi sisters it makes me fell like we sisters pls reply Charles
Shajida Rishan Neal
Shajida Rishan Neal 3 dagar sedan
@Lily Plays Ooo
Lily Plays
Lily Plays 4 dagar sedan
She? He's a 'he'.
Alexia MacLean
Alexia MacLean 4 dagar sedan
Wow u are good
d5adf1sh 5 dagar sedan
If James wants to hook up with someone be happy the way he is, he has to work out
hunnyXbearsAJ 5 dagar sedan
hi, i was wondering.. if my conceal correct is too dark, could i add a bit of my lighter primer?
Rose Mohammed
Rose Mohammed 5 dagar sedan
Me 2 mario kart is my fav
Bonnie Farrell
Bonnie Farrell 5 dagar sedan
This is Bonnie’s grand daughter and I love your videos
زوجة تايهيونغ
We love you james iam a new subscriber ♥♥♥
Damian Pablo
Damian Pablo 5 dagar sedan
Shareka Jones
Shareka Jones 5 dagar sedan
You must have practiced hard queen lol
billx x
billx x 5 dagar sedan
You can’t keep running away from ur problems
mr. yunioshi
mr. yunioshi 2 dagar sedan
@ñami have you been living under a rock
Kirby 3 dagar sedan
apparently he can💀
ñami 4 dagar sedan
Monkeh 5 dagar sedan
I bet you'd wished you'd kept that 100k now, eh? Noncey boy. That's going to be an expensive job cut!
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