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Choi Yeonjun
Choi Yeonjun 7 minuter sedan
His hair
Jonique smalls Comrie
Jonique smalls Comrie 12 minuter sedan
Pls post
Humza Dragon
Humza Dragon 15 minuter sedan
Love you sister ♡♡♡♡♡
Pedro Solorio
Pedro Solorio 16 minuter sedan
@jeffreeStar sup _____ 😹
Abbigail Sanchez
Abbigail Sanchez 17 minuter sedan
Hi SISTER I got your pallet and I LOVE IT!!!🥰😜
Alejandro nogueerol
Alejandro nogueerol 24 minuter sedan
Why 27 minuter sedan
No. No. Noo.
Golcen Gamer
Golcen Gamer 28 minuter sedan
Personally, I think it's weird that the people affected by it post it on tik tok lol
Malena Santillan
Malena Santillan 32 minuter sedan
but like, is he retiring or what?
Motier de LaFayette, Marquis de LaFayette
*I don’t know what’s happening twerking*
ari vxbess
ari vxbess 38 minuter sedan
*dumbly twerking*
Francis Wyatt
Francis Wyatt 39 minuter sedan
so like is he a sex offender now?
lulu khalid
lulu khalid 42 minuter sedan
*twerks cause everyone is twerking*
lila parlaman
lila parlaman 49 minuter sedan
wow you know this is serious when he is whispering instead of yelling
Neiru Aonuma
Neiru Aonuma 53 minuter sedan
*confused twerking*
RED -5
RED -5 37 minuter sedan
I don't get it
Rafaella Drago
Rafaella Drago 54 minuter sedan
Why the low tone tho
De Koded
De Koded Timme sedan
What in the heck is on his head ?
Natalie’s Art
Natalie’s Art 42 minuter sedan
his hair? he got a perm
Dayykanim Timme sedan
A hamburger patty or a bicycle seat
Witulski Chris
Witulski Chris Timme sedan
I madison witulski is sending you a letter
BBY_SquadEdits Timme sedan
Why is he still trying to save himself like this is like me telling my parents sorry for putting slime on your wall I can't take James seriouly!
Bunny Harris
Bunny Harris Timme sedan
It’s ok we- I mean I still support you!! We all make mistakes...😢
Promy100 31 minut sedan
@Natalie’s Art for the love of God, just shut up
Promy100 31 minut sedan
@Natalie’s Art shut up please
Promy100 31 minut sedan
@Natalie’s Art shut up
Natalie’s Art
Natalie’s Art 34 minuter sedan
@Promy100 is that how you solve all your problems in life?
RED -5
RED -5 37 minuter sedan
Hell no
Alyssa France
Alyssa France Timme sedan
316k likes.... 361k dislikes...... *imagine*
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name 21 minut sedan
Ikr who the fuck is liking this
fetus one direction
Why tf is this video so quiet
This may all be a act but al least he is actually taking a break and talking it seriously
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name 20 minuter sedan
I didn’t realize that’s all it took to excuse child predators
Anjelica L.M
Anjelica L.M Timme sedan
Had to watch at the playback speed of 1.25x
cow boi on a surfboard
cow boi on a surfboard 28 minuter sedan
Had to put it on 2x and it was still too slow😂
21drt Timme sedan
Jay Timme sedan
How ironic this was uploaded on April first huh coincidence
Mac The Cat
Mac The Cat Timme sedan
Ur so right omg
Kendall Edits
Kendall Edits Timme sedan
guys stop twerking but- *hardly twerking*
i don't really know
i don't really know 2 timmar sedan
twerking because i wanna?
i don't really know
i don't really know 2 timmar sedan
my guy you need to speak TF UP
JAY SKY 2 timmar sedan
The fact that there is more unlikes then likes
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name 18 minuter sedan
The fact that there are any likes ☠️
Mac The Cat
Mac The Cat Timme sedan
Cherri O1
Cherri O1 2 timmar sedan
My 5-year-old self explaining why I didn't put on my seatbelt:
ashley rose
ashley rose 2 timmar sedan
the way hes calling himself a celebrity is making me so mad lmfao
D3Forever Timme sedan
@ashley rose If someone’s hot texted you and they said they was your age when they really wasn’t, you would believe them, your first thought wouldn’t be “their lying”
ashley rose
ashley rose Timme sedan
@D3Forever he doesnt deserve that ego boost
ashley rose
ashley rose Timme sedan
@D3Forever im not saying he isnt famous but he doesnt deserve the title of celebrity
D3Forever Timme sedan
not agreeing with him but if Beyoncé and Billie Called him a Celebrity means he is
ashley rose
ashley rose 2 timmar sedan
this whole video is so pathetic. he literally has said before many times he feels older than he is (to quote “i feel like im mentally 40”) and he wants someone as young as possible (“i want someone as young as legally possible”) he cannot defend himself anymore TAKE AWAY THIS PREDATORS PLATFORM NOW.
Blendette’s Favorite bush
How you getting in trouble again? 💀💀💀
el la
el la 2 timmar sedan
speak up my headphones are on full volume
AndyTheBi -
AndyTheBi - 2 timmar sedan
James, I believe in you. You can be a good person
Josh Sites
Josh Sites 2 timmar sedan
I turned this crap off about 8 seconds in.
Abigail Thasan
Abigail Thasan 2 timmar sedan
At least more people disliked then liked the video. Why do all of the good creators turn out to be bad people!?
FozzyGozzy 2 timmar sedan
You're not sorry. If you were, you wouldn't have done something like this again, but you did. Surprising how some people still support you after all the messed up things you do.
Cherry Donut
Cherry Donut 2 timmar sedan
Me trying explain to my English teacher why my essay was copied off google
NicMhla 2 timmar sedan
With the amount of noise and filler in nonsense in this video, you could zone out and not miss a thing.
Soggy Toast
Soggy Toast 2 timmar sedan
this was so insincere lmao, if you put it on mute it looks like he’s talking bout a sponsor or something he looks way to happy abt this
lovlucie 2 timmar sedan
3:43 ;-;
Iuliana Coman
Iuliana Coman 2 timmar sedan
I'm sorry for everything that u are going through tbh you mist be feeling so depressed with everything people are saying about you but I will always be here Stay strong ❤❤❤
Severus 2 timmar sedan
finally the like to disklike ratio is what it whould be
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name 16 minuter sedan
Nah even a single like is too much for this bullshit
Mayra Muhmenthaler
Mayra Muhmenthaler 2 timmar sedan
I‘m trying to focus on the video but what the fuck is up with his hair💀
Ziraili Pereira
Ziraili Pereira 2 timmar sedan
me trying not to look at his hair
Ⓜ︎ Ⓘ Ⓚ Ⓤ Ⓞ Ⓡ Ⓔ Ⓞ Ⓢ シ
Me trying to explain to my mom why I don’t need to get beat with the belt:
aesthetics with kaylina !
*me trying to tell my mom why i haven’t been in school*
bob star
bob star 3 timmar sedan
H H 3 timmar sedan
His body language betrays what he's saying verbally. Lots of eye fluttering when saying certain things in an attempt to distance himself, one sided shoulder tilt, defensive shoulder shrugs, smirks. So many patterns of deception. Just leave already, you're done. From what I hear his channel has been completely demonetized by YT. GOOD.
Madness XX
Madness XX Timme sedan
@Severus it can’t be scripted...he clearly said all of this is coming from the heart
ConsumedMyDog 2 timmar sedan
@Severus but he said it came from the heart at 0:56 so he means it for sure
Severus 2 timmar sedan
@ConsumedMyDog no hes faking it and the video is scripted
ConsumedMyDog 2 timmar sedan
no dude look at 0:56 he said the video was from the heart
ItzPizzaWarrior 2 timmar sedan
Pretty sure you got that from another youtuber who specializes in reading body language
SafeMode 3 timmar sedan
How many controversies now James?
Jainaba Fm Jadama
Jainaba Fm Jadama 3 timmar sedan
bro speak up/talk louder 😐
Michael Romero
Michael Romero 3 timmar sedan
Lol taking Acountablity lmao sure yeah whatever I guess
Harper White
Harper White 3 timmar sedan
*Scared Twerking*
MrZMaker 3 timmar sedan
his chin doesn't look as skinny as before without the makeup
L 3 timmar sedan
Yo James hit me up
Cristina Dyer
Cristina Dyer 3 timmar sedan
"I do want people to know that video will still be here available" 🤣
Chihiro Fujisaki
Chihiro Fujisaki 3 timmar sedan
dissapointed twerking
Lily Mai
Lily Mai 3 timmar sedan
you need to post another video ❤️❤️💧
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson 3 timmar sedan
More dislikes than likes 🖐🏼😂
Why are you reading this
Sub2Optimus 3 timmar sedan
mans did it again 💀💀💀
Super Cool Captain Awesome Death Wish Man 2 awsome
PRATHAM vloGs 3 timmar sedan
hi sister to hello Friends REAL QUICK
Noah Chin
Noah Chin 2 timmar sedan
@ii_SiimplySarah go back to tik tok go produce your edgy vibes on tik tok
ii_SiimplySarah 3 timmar sedan
Jamie Wodele
Jamie Wodele 3 timmar sedan
Is it just me or has he not been uploading anymore.
Itadori yuujis gf
Itadori yuujis gf 3 timmar sedan
I love the way he stopped posting after SElosk demonetized him
Sobia malik
Sobia malik 3 timmar sedan
Why is james charles not posting anymore videos
Red Red
Red Red Timme sedan
@ItzPizzaWarrior as he should be
ItzPizzaWarrior 2 timmar sedan
Robby S
Robby S 3 timmar sedan
This was uploaded on April 1st. Did you really upload a video about taking responsibility on April Fool's Day? That's horrible timing, bud.
꧁I simp For Pit ꧁
꧁I simp For Pit ꧁ 3 timmar sedan
This channel grows faster than my internet connection
Rozannah Langford
Rozannah Langford 3 timmar sedan
twerking twerking
Friendly Enby
Friendly Enby 4 timmar sedan
Bitch no, this aint how you do it
Element Jose
Element Jose 4 timmar sedan
Mans got the Josuke Higashikata hairstyle
CapCris Plays
CapCris Plays 4 timmar sedan
James Charles I think your crap your a bad influence be a MAN NOT A GIRL
MIM sign
MIM sign 4 timmar sedan
Angry twerking
franz conimer pura
franz conimer pura 4 timmar sedan
Guys? What happened? Can you pls explain?
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 3 timmar sedan
You may go look for a video on youTube , there are many videos about this explaining the whole controversy.
༄ᴄʀʏɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪ༄
Idk if this is serious- he posted this on April fools day 😟
Nidhi Birjerane
Nidhi Birjerane 4 timmar sedan
Pls come back on SElosk we love u
Red Red
Red Red Timme sedan
@Hi I'm Peyton! nice to see you here against this
Red Red
Red Red Timme sedan
Shame on you for even saying that
NicMhla 2 timmar sedan
We who?
-_Keraψn_- 3 timmar sedan
Aesthetix Vikii90
Aesthetix Vikii90 3 timmar sedan
whos we?
DJEaglePLAYS 4 timmar sedan
Bruh why does he look like he has a flat head if you where to give him a haircut
Delainie Barber
Delainie Barber 4 timmar sedan
This whole video had me throwing up in my mouth
gh0st1ng_ 4 timmar sedan
me explaining to my mom that im allergic to finals so i have to stay home tomorrow
M A R V E L L A 4 timmar sedan
James whatever happens in the future we're proud of you. Just don't make bad decisions!
-_Keraψn_- 3 timmar sedan
We? We aren't proud of him
Aesthetix Vikii90
Aesthetix Vikii90 3 timmar sedan
Do not be putting words in our mouth. We aren't proud.. does it look like it??
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name 4 timmar sedan
We are absolutely not proud of him what the fuck
Arabella Michaelis
Arabella Michaelis 4 timmar sedan
SElosk should let James do his videos again, and guys. Please give this video a million likes because we need to show SElosk that we want James back and also give him 50 million subscribers please. We need him back.
gh0st1ng_ Timme sedan
@Arabella Michaelis this situation is the problem.
Arabella Michaelis
Arabella Michaelis 4 timmar sedan
And are you sure he really IS taking break KiM sEOkJin?
Arabella Michaelis
Arabella Michaelis 4 timmar sedan
What's you problem with James gh0st1ng_?
gh0st1ng_ 4 timmar sedan
we do not need him back.
KiM sEOkJin
KiM sEOkJin 4 timmar sedan
*James* is choosing to take a break from uploading. SElosk isn’t holding him back from doing anything.
Katherine Say
Katherine Say 4 timmar sedan
Damn rn equal likes to dislikes
Katherine Say
Katherine Say 3 timmar sedan
@KiM sEOkJin Haha damn I'm a moron
KiM sEOkJin
KiM sEOkJin 3 timmar sedan
@Hi I'm Peyton! not really- the only thing that’s equal about them is the order of numbers lol
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 4 timmar sedan
@KiM sEOkJin still sorta equal-
KiM sEOkJin
KiM sEOkJin 4 timmar sedan
316k and 361k are different numbers-
chandan singh
chandan singh 4 timmar sedan
Uncontrollably twerk twerk....yeah *no*
Bestie vibes Only
Bestie vibes Only 4 timmar sedan
He ain’t posting no more😟
frog. jpg
frog. jpg 4 timmar sedan
So we all here now?
ASTR0R3X 4 timmar sedan
You can tell he’s broken
nada al
nada al 3 timmar sedan
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 4 timmar sedan
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name 4 timmar sedan
You can tell he only gives a shit cause he got caught
chandan singh
chandan singh 4 timmar sedan
Ok but Why is everyone twerk twerk *twerking*
Victorious D
Victorious D 4 timmar sedan
Right like they need to sit down 🪑
Pink 4 timmar sedan
You know you usually say what the tw is for right?
Carina Menezes
Carina Menezes 4 timmar sedan
tell me y'all watched the "only breathing" version too, i can't- 💀💀
Carina Menezes
Carina Menezes 4 timmar sedan
@gh0st1ng_ PLS I CANT DO THIS TODAY BROSKI *breathes in hey sisters*
gh0st1ng_ 4 timmar sedan
the fact its a whole minute long too 😭😭
mar 4 timmar sedan
“ againsth me “ where this lisp come from
Aqua_Royale 4 timmar sedan
speak up buddy-
Brenton Fredericks
Brenton Fredericks 4 timmar sedan
You're still very young and have alot to discover about yourself, be gentle with yourself we all screw up now and again. Keep your head up high
cow boi on a surfboard
cow boi on a surfboard 18 minuter sedan
He messed up multiple times though. He did the exact same thing... And every single time, the claim that he’s “discovering himself, and/or not mature yet” will keep popping up. I understand that you’re a fan, but think about what I’m saying. (I don’t want to start an argument and I’m not mad at you for stating an opinion. Just please consider what I’m saying.)
dreamelf 4 timmar sedan
Why his hair look like shit when stepped on
Jacky Boy
Jacky Boy 5 timmar sedan
Ey yo you got something on your head
KiM sEOkJin
KiM sEOkJin 4 timmar sedan
@Blue Blue 💩
Blue Blue
Blue Blue 4 timmar sedan
a pile of
Multi Stan
Multi Stan 5 timmar sedan
Uhm what happened?
Tomiju-San 5 timmar sedan
*Intense twerking noises*
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