Exposing "Makeup For Men" 

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HI BROTHERS! In today's video, I'm trying out "Makeup For Men". I found a few different brands that all have products or lines specifically for men, so I wanted to test them out, see if they were worth the purchase or just a marketing scheme, and give my first impressions. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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16 mar 2021



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BirDMaN 120502
BirDMaN 120502 16 timmar sedan
Why can’t there just be one make up it’s all skin make up is for skin
Zacharion Tab
Zacharion Tab 20 timmar sedan
the only makeup I need that can rid of my oily face for a while
AshRose Dag sedan
It's not any different to normal makeup products lol 😆
MreiHouse Dag sedan
My hair after taking it out of a high pony tail 1:55
Bibhu Singh
Bibhu Singh Dag sedan
Make up is make up, just like how cloths are clothes, there is no gender towards it, anybody can put anything that they want on their face Who agrees?
icon. arisha
icon. arisha Dag sedan
заведи канал джеймс чарльс на русском . в россии не переводят все твои видео
asia_yolo 2 dagar sedan
kudoi san
kudoi san Dag sedan
Bordem Equals Energy
Bordem Equals Energy 2 dagar sedan
Nikita putting on a mask: 1:32
lily Arndt
lily Arndt 2 dagar sedan
I like how he says I HATE chapstick and then hes like oh its nice and soft
Jacqueline Beer
Jacqueline Beer 2 dagar sedan
Everything but the lips looks good
OliveRoseKnows 3 dagar sedan
Andrie Plyler
Andrie Plyler 3 dagar sedan
Naishaa Anaisha
Naishaa Anaisha 3 dagar sedan
Who here after James don’t post of a month
Richardo Milo
Richardo Milo 3 dagar sedan
Why are you gae You are gae
Pitted 3 dagar sedan
But James Charles you are the gayest person on land
Skills 3 dagar sedan
Zoya Hamid
Zoya Hamid 4 dagar sedan
James: No matter what video he is filming he always ends up with a fantastic makeup look!
Saimah Nasir
Saimah Nasir 4 dagar sedan
With or without make everyone looks amazing either way, but it's totally alright to wear makeup whether you are male or female. Stop with the gender stereotypes.
Saimah Nasir
Saimah Nasir 4 dagar sedan
The part that James always suggests better products that also save money is very helpful.
emily fanta
emily fanta 5 dagar sedan
you ok
you ok 5 dagar sedan
your cute tbh
Casper Kuipers
Casper Kuipers 5 dagar sedan
Rebecca Scarlet
Rebecca Scarlet 6 dagar sedan
When janes said no 5:02 🥺
Chicken Noodle
Chicken Noodle 6 dagar sedan
He looks shiny
Bff squad mira and dyala
There is no gender when it comes to make up.
Kari Peterson
Kari Peterson 7 dagar sedan
I don’t like the way he talks... so freaking annoying.
lux 4 dagar sedan
Marina 7 dagar sedan
Gabe Man
Gabe Man 7 dagar sedan
hi sisters 📮
The real deal
The real deal 7 dagar sedan
How do you even take off makeup? Sandpaper? Cheese grater? Angle grinder?
Jo Bomba
Jo Bomba 6 dagar sedan
All of the above
Christie Dickinson Dickinson
Wow I did not know.
Tiffythink YT
Tiffythink YT 8 dagar sedan
I like Your makeup!!❤️🤑😉
disaintp1napple 8 dagar sedan
lol "makeup guru"
Molly grace
Molly grace 9 dagar sedan
Flash back Mary . But the powder 🤣🤣
Mohammed jalal
Mohammed jalal 9 dagar sedan
Broh sry but you are not a man sry again 😪
Mohammed jalal
Mohammed jalal 3 dagar sedan
@C6H12O6 no he is not my boy
Yellow Pearl
Yellow Pearl 3 dagar sedan
@C6H12O6 He doesn't act like one
C6H12O6 3 dagar sedan
Wtf u mean, hes a man
Yellow Pearl
Yellow Pearl 4 dagar sedan
He's not a man at all. I definitely agree with you bro
TacoMan 9 dagar sedan
Exposing James liking little boys
Tylervs Ruby
Tylervs Ruby 9 dagar sedan
James I don’t think u need make up your already butifull
igurogenocide 10 dagar sedan
he rlly is completely demonitised from all his videos now….OOPSIES😋
Kaylee plays
Kaylee plays 10 dagar sedan
You stan gays and I hate it.
Simonealicious 9 dagar sedan
excuse me what 😐
توفيق 60
توفيق 60 10 dagar sedan
هلووو جيميس هل تتكلم العربي🥰❤️🇮🇶
『KARİN ART』 10 dagar sedan
You are this 👉🏻🤢🤮🤮
Stephen Wall
Stephen Wall 10 dagar sedan
You look like my cousin now with ya freckles
Steve Boukaram
Steve Boukaram 10 dagar sedan
I love you
rosey chan
rosey chan 11 dagar sedan
I like how he do his make up like it's so pretty and cute
Evie Birch
Evie Birch 11 dagar sedan
You are very funny
Crystal Jade
Crystal Jade 11 dagar sedan
I love this because it let’s people know that makeup is for anyone
Fuzzo 11 dagar sedan
Hello! New subscriber 😃
jackson snyder
jackson snyder 11 dagar sedan
Hay James you really help me with my makeup ps I am 11 years old and I think I progressed with my makeup so thanks 😊
Breezy bx's mom
Breezy bx's mom 12 dagar sedan
I'm just glad it's not enough makeup to be catfishing LIKE sir, you didn't tell me you had a third eye on your cheek
Sophia Mullin
Sophia Mullin 12 dagar sedan
bruh makeup is makeup
Detrik 6 dagar sedan
warpaint is bruh makeup xD
Rudy Grogan
Rudy Grogan 12 dagar sedan
james you are a man
Haris Salic
Haris Salic 12 dagar sedan
Dilan Gillespie
Dilan Gillespie 12 dagar sedan
I'm sorry............your freckles are gorgeous, like HOW!?
Dionizy Dudkiewicz
Dionizy Dudkiewicz 13 dagar sedan
PLZ BEEEEEEE A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BE A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uyuxii_the_moth 10 dagar sedan
plzzzzzzzzzzz be open minded!!!!!!!!!!!
BlueRaspberry 13 dagar sedan
yall see that zit on his face or naw?
glossnails 14 dagar sedan
The Ava Stark
The Ava Stark 14 dagar sedan
I dont see why ur so offended, let it be bruh the fuck
Jana Marković
Jana Marković 14 dagar sedan
Jamesh for the whole video ✌🏼✌🏼
Awesome Blossoms
Awesome Blossoms 14 dagar sedan
James pls try kpop idol makeup
Sooet garcia
Sooet garcia 14 dagar sedan
Velocidad x2
Krisha Maniar
Krisha Maniar 14 dagar sedan
Sister you need a haircut 💇‍♂️
Mason Lee
Mason Lee 14 dagar sedan
You knew he was 15
Tomika Acree
Tomika Acree 14 dagar sedan
You should build a male line and be a trail blazer for the industry
Mrittika_gamey 14 dagar sedan
You should do a collab with Dhar Mann
Beth Young
Beth Young 15 dagar sedan
I love how you do your makeup Alyssa
Lea Signio
Lea Signio 15 dagar sedan
CUTTA KIDS 15 dagar sedan
Your face bleeding 🩸
Brayden Redding
Brayden Redding 15 dagar sedan
You are such a sisters
Brayden Redding
Brayden Redding 15 dagar sedan
Hi sisters love you hope you well
He is a boy and boys don't do makeup. This is very unnatural. But it is his choice so we can't do anything.
Pink cloudii
Pink cloudii 9 dagar sedan
Bruh who said makeup had to be for a certain gender you just decided that by yourself🤠✋🏻
*.-_Karlita_ Bananita_2.0_-.*
Cursed A
Cursed A 15 dagar sedan
I cant belive i watched a james charels video
Ice Man
Ice Man 16 dagar sedan
Bro you loose much subs
poppy.k 16 dagar sedan
Just saying that I love the earings.
Midnight_Horizen 16 dagar sedan
Lmao I don't really mind if it's called War Paint. If that makes dudes feel more comfortable wearing it then just let them be.
• ¿ I X A ? •
• ¿ I X A ? • 16 dagar sedan
Nail polish is seen as a ✨✨girl/queen ✨✨ item but actually it was made for ✨✨males/king✨✨ as well as skirts so you see a ✨✨man/king✨✨ in a skirt and nail polish let them because it was made for them
Fluffy unicorn 2013
Fluffy unicorn 2013 16 dagar sedan
James Charles, I don,t care if you put make up on or not you still look good
Squeaky Clean Memes
Squeaky Clean Memes 16 dagar sedan
Bella's Gameplay
Bella's Gameplay 16 dagar sedan
Thats why gays are amazing because they don't care what people think
Carlos Pillado
Carlos Pillado 16 dagar sedan
Victoria Anne
Victoria Anne 17 dagar sedan
The “Bro mask” literally took of your freckles babe
Allison Wheeler
Allison Wheeler 17 dagar sedan
I think every day work is better then the man make up
Aubrie Hobill
Aubrie Hobill 17 dagar sedan
James don’t take this wrong but you kinda look sunburned on your freckle.
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista 17 dagar sedan
James JEAN PAUL GAULTIER made a make up line for mens so long ago look for it was so great in the 2000’s
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista 17 dagar sedan
Was magnificoent
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista 17 dagar sedan
Sold out, they dont produce it no more
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista 17 dagar sedan
I remember the JEAN PAUL GAULTIER tan powder and i really loved it i was looking to buy it and they dont sell it no more. I died
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista 17 dagar sedan
The mate powder is so bad OMG
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista 17 dagar sedan
The base of make up Is a simple BB cream, the products are of course for people who dont undertand anything about make up and their prices . Its so machist this brand.
Beth Silver
Beth Silver 17 dagar sedan
Ur lipstick is red/pink which means ur lips are a ph of 3/4 so they R acidic
Nomfundo Sikhosana
Nomfundo Sikhosana 17 dagar sedan
You Look Lovely and beautiful 🦄💋💕🌺💓💗😍😘❤️💜💙💋💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣️💔❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🦄🐰🐇🦩🦚💐🌸💮🏵️🌹🥀🌺🌻🌼🌷🍇🍈🍉🥯🥞🧇🧀🍖🍗🥩🥓🍔🍟🍕🌭🌮
Alondra Castillo
Alondra Castillo 17 dagar sedan
I'm a girl and i refer to myself as a weman
Verge4K 17 dagar sedan
That’s cringe
Alondra Castillo
Alondra Castillo 17 dagar sedan
you should watch a dahr mann video and react to it
Gracie Vandesteeg
Gracie Vandesteeg 18 dagar sedan
im non binary and im trying to come out as trans any suggestions
PrimroseRipper 19 dagar sedan
I’m now a fan of James Charles, I love this so much!!
PrimroseRipper 18 dagar sedan
@Jasmit Dulley jk, i dont like but hey, some things be interesting
Jasmit Dulley
Jasmit Dulley 19 dagar sedan
Ummmmmmmmmm can’t tell if your joking or not lol
Endray 19 dagar sedan
Carlota Pereira
Carlota Pereira 19 dagar sedan
hi James i,m a big fan, can u do some videos showing the texture of your skin? I´M TRYING TO DO MY MAKEUP LIKE YOUR S(IM A GIRL LMAO) AND UR SO COOL
Qaleef Agency
Qaleef Agency 19 dagar sedan
Oh no hi sisters
Ryan Wilcox
Ryan Wilcox 19 dagar sedan
Women to much for you sister 😂
Dino Dreams
Dino Dreams 19 dagar sedan
Make up has no gender that’s why I love you❤️✨
blyat 19 dagar sedan
Why would you wear makeup if your a bloke
*.-_Karlita_ Bananita_2.0_-.*
@luke Adams Talking about cringe..
luke Adams
luke Adams 15 dagar sedan
@*.-_Karlita_ Bananita_2.0_-.* cringe
*.-_Karlita_ Bananita_2.0_-.*
@luke Adams When you have a better argument, let me know crack.
luke Adams
luke Adams 15 dagar sedan
@*.-_Karlita_ Bananita_2.0_-.* 🤡
*.-_Karlita_ Bananita_2.0_-.*
@luke Adams Stfu.
_Akari-Chan_ 19 dagar sedan
I like how james looks like a sweet heart 😊
Sam Gabriel
Sam Gabriel 18 dagar sedan
@『Killua Zoldyck』 BAHAHA 🤣
『Killua Zoldyck』
『Killua Zoldyck』 18 dagar sedan
Looks like a sweetheart, preys on teenage boys.
Jayme Pascual
Jayme Pascual 20 dagar sedan
ur cute bro
Kola Oluwatuyi
Kola Oluwatuyi 20 dagar sedan
Listen James Charles i have something to say you are a man don’t try to become a girl God made a man don’t try to change it and stop wearing make up stop this channel
Pink cloudii
Pink cloudii 9 dagar sedan
The whole piont of his channel is about him doing his makeup?
luke Adams
luke Adams 17 dagar sedan
@Sam Gabriel 😭😭😭 stop crying you neek
Sam Gabriel
Sam Gabriel 18 dagar sedan
Can u shut up???? Anyone can be who ever they want to be ok??? Don’t tell people shit shut the fuck up
luke Adams
luke Adams 18 dagar sedan
@Maya Setlur stfu neek
luke Adams
luke Adams 18 dagar sedan
Facts this guy is wierd af 😂
paula Solis
paula Solis 20 dagar sedan
Hi, I love your vids, but do you have an idea of how to get rid on acne. Just asking because have A LOT of acne
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