James Charles
James Charles
James Charles
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HI SISTERS! I'm James Charles. Subscribe to my channel for makeup, entertainment, music and more!
Exposing "Makeup For Men"
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I Shaved My Head Bald
2 månader sedan
24 Hours Being PREGNANT!!
2 månader sedan
4 månader sedan
TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!
4 månader sedan
Paparazzi Picks My Makeup!!
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Xillaxed 18 timmar sedan
baka baddie
Vid eo
Vid eo 18 timmar sedan
This is what we get for giving him a flatform..
mars helps
mars helps 18 timmar sedan
tbh james looked like a srawberry
Erin Penny
Erin Penny 18 timmar sedan
Sister james really earned my respect from this video.
what da heck
what da heck 18 timmar sedan
Who still supports him no matter what 👇
Evelyn Breezeleaf
Evelyn Breezeleaf 18 timmar sedan
*Holding myself twerking twerking*
A&L Pro Wrestling
A&L Pro Wrestling 18 timmar sedan
Who. Still here
Joel Feliperz
Joel Feliperz 18 timmar sedan
Braziiiil que isssooooo???ficou perfeitooooo
دعبول النذله
دعبول النذله 18 timmar sedan
ليش ماتحط باروكا شعر
joanna perez
joanna perez 18 timmar sedan
boo girly
Skai Jazmin
Skai Jazmin 18 timmar sedan
its so Weird for j*ames to talk this slow...tip put it 2x to hear him talk normal 😃👍
Keira Boswell
Keira Boswell 18 timmar sedan
cathering gomez
cathering gomez 18 timmar sedan
llotampoco se ingles
Andrea Dan Steinsdorfer
Andrea Dan Steinsdorfer 18 timmar sedan
People need to just back off. Everyone goes through problems WERE HUMAN. Some mistakes worse than others. Just make happy content and work on yourself f everyone else.
paris Jackson's
paris Jackson's 18 timmar sedan
Why the hell are you doing the devil makeup?
Aryaman Misra
Aryaman Misra 18 timmar sedan
Hi james ......i totally support you and I know that you are honest ....but my advice is that...just be little bit careful so that you cannot fall in this situation again.........
lori 18 timmar sedan
why are you whispering 😭
Emily• _MtV__ÇRĪbŻ
Emily• _MtV__ÇRĪbŻ 19 timmar sedan
Emily• _MtV__ÇRĪbŻ
Emily• _MtV__ÇRĪbŻ 19 timmar sedan
NANCY SALDIVAR 19 timmar sedan
This is ART!!!
camm 19 timmar sedan
Bestie your always so loud in your video's, why are you so quite now. Speak tf up 😃🙏
Amber Jones
Amber Jones 19 timmar sedan
James: *says Emma's eyeshadow looks the best* James: *says Emma's skin looks the smoothest "by far"* Also James: gives Emma a 6/10 and 3rd place ranking Like sis that's the whole face, how did she not win??!
INDIAN Powerlifters
INDIAN Powerlifters 19 timmar sedan
Others - you can't run away, Me - i can't run away too coz i am fat
Moe Akour
Moe Akour 19 timmar sedan
Hi Jim I am a big fan
Prozitaitir 19 timmar sedan
Controversy after controversies
Krista Servidad
Krista Servidad 19 timmar sedan
**going to court twerking**
Fabian Campos
Fabian Campos 19 timmar sedan
You’re bad
JHOJAN STIVEN C.C 19 timmar sedan
RB4L Boogie
RB4L Boogie 19 timmar sedan
Some one said his hair look likes a Bicycle seat 💀💀💀
Red Riot
Red Riot 19 timmar sedan
How can I talk to james?
Watch Closely
Watch Closely 19 timmar sedan
Hold up-
MarsLovesYou 19 timmar sedan
"aww good night cutie :("
Will Kitchens
Will Kitchens 19 timmar sedan
hes not number one
Mrbee1 19 timmar sedan
Turn to Jesus Christ he is coming soon and if yo turn to him you can receive the free gift of eternity In heaven if you want to accept it believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died in the cross for your sins and and rose alive 3 days later and confess with your mouth that you are a sinner that’s it trust me my friend it’s worth it and if you don’t pivot your faith In him he send you to hell god loves you so much so trust in him and turn to him please.
iiKxyla 19 timmar sedan
No words at all...
Zacharion Tab
Zacharion Tab 19 timmar sedan
james charles's spanish sounds ok tbh
Donatello KennedyOistrakh
Lady, you need Trump junior in your dating schedule. Ted Cruz might be a good fit too.
King Giraffe36
King Giraffe36 19 timmar sedan
So that was a lie
Riatte Dalton
Riatte Dalton 19 timmar sedan
She has a longer tooth than the other but its okay
Gavyn Bromley
Gavyn Bromley 19 timmar sedan
erica campbell
erica campbell 19 timmar sedan
*Sister Twerks*
Makenzie Seger
Makenzie Seger 19 timmar sedan
Can you post a new vid this was depressing like not joking so please post a new vid.
E_liw19 19 timmar sedan
Only James can talk this fast and still make sense.
Tallia George
Tallia George 19 timmar sedan
Beautiful singer
Teknical Mage
Teknical Mage 19 timmar sedan
Lmao imagine pulling a minecraft youtuber move
Madi I
Madi I 19 timmar sedan
Hasn’t posted in a month
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez 19 timmar sedan
he buys his likes smh
2 Shots
2 Shots 19 timmar sedan
2:56 sounds likes he is having a baby
Adam Mars
Adam Mars 19 timmar sedan
James: has the phone numbers of all the celebritys in the world. Me: just trying to get my dads phone number
NotBérry 20 timmar sedan
The thumbnail looks weird, gives me chills- do you have clothes on?
Howard Joe
Howard Joe 20 timmar sedan
He should transition
Loise Ordner
Loise Ordner 20 timmar sedan
Susana Alejandra Oropeza Muñoz
Georgie Jones
Georgie Jones 20 timmar sedan
shut up
shut up 20 timmar sedan
who cares about youtube apology’s anymore
Bored bunnyX
Bored bunnyX 20 timmar sedan
Ms. Xaadiya Prince's Chronicles
I enjoy your channel, but please offer your guests something to drink on camera if your gonna be replenishing yourself on camera, I think it was rude and selfish, that your not offering anything to your guest, and there your!, guests on your!, channel if it was me lil' Nas would have had a fancy black cup and straw to drink from just like me so please learn some hospitality k Bitch' by love you 💋✌️😷
AYDENN KING 20 timmar sedan
can't believe we have the same birthday
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 20 timmar sedan
This is the most divided like to dislike ratio ever
Zacharion Tab
Zacharion Tab 20 timmar sedan
the only makeup I need that can rid of my oily face for a while
train_go_boom2065 20 timmar sedan
Lexie Cimorelli
Lexie Cimorelli 20 timmar sedan
Is it just me or did I think that all of them were very cool
Cooldogycute X Boba
Cooldogycute X Boba 20 timmar sedan
Andrew Googoo
Andrew Googoo 20 timmar sedan
Twerking silently 🤫
Rhayane Veronez
Rhayane Veronez 20 timmar sedan
até os americanos não aprovam o 5-minutes crafts
LUCY 20 timmar sedan
wow u found a comment that not twerking
buriedlemon 20 timmar sedan
KATIE COOKIES 20 timmar sedan
When are you gonna start a new video?
Samantha 20 timmar sedan
His hair though 🤣 wtf
Jessica Grizzell
Jessica Grizzell 20 timmar sedan
Dont drink and if you do don’t get drunk
Yatziri foxy Barrera
Yatziri foxy Barrera 20 timmar sedan
✨Bee buzz ✨🐝 🐝
It'sMe_Gigi 20 timmar sedan
Anyone else, f*cking hate him?
Sideways「」 Sweets
Sideways「」 Sweets 18 timmar sedan
Nina Goldsmith
Nina Goldsmith 20 timmar sedan
PLEASE- 😭✋🏻 I searched up “he has no lips how could he get a kiss kiss” AND THIS VIDEO CAME UP 5th
Connor Finn
Connor Finn 20 timmar sedan
when will you post
bruh moment
bruh moment 20 timmar sedan
He made a fucky wucky again didn’t he, officer?
Sammy Rex
Sammy Rex 20 timmar sedan
Hell yae love this video the best thanks for the laughs
Dillon Lorden
Dillon Lorden 20 timmar sedan
Ppl think for a minute, ur gonna sit here and start telling urself that u have never wanted to be in some form of a relationship with someone so bad that u will do anything just to have that feeling. Maybe James has done this multiple times but that doesn’t mean he is a bad person. He wants to feel loved by someone in a way that not only can make him feel more whole but to also have a life long companion. I wish that ppl could understand that and not attack James. Once again, we all make mistakes and we learn from them. James knows that he needs to be more careful and that’s what’s important. Now stop being rude to him!
That One Person
That One Person 20 timmar sedan
Read the date 🤡
spongebob squarepants
spongebob squarepants 20 timmar sedan
Your hair looks like the birds nest I found in my closet
Bruh- Rosie
Bruh- Rosie 20 timmar sedan
omg yes
Becky Lambert
Becky Lambert 20 timmar sedan
Honestly I’ll never stop liking James Charles, he’s been trying his best but people keep trying to take him down. He’s accepting his mistakes and came across this topic maturely. Y’all are wack for canceling the wrong people.